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Wedding Day

CONGRATULATIONS! This is a very exciting and special time for you to look your absolute best! I will provide professional makeup and beauty service at your home. I will work alongside hair stylists and photographers. Many I have had the pleasure of working or meeting on mornings of previous bride's big day or at a bridal fair.

Please contact me as soon as you have booked your church, reception, photographer to enquire if I will be available for your day. I take bookings up to 2 years ahead as I actually attend many Bridal Fayres, hence bookings. Your day will probably in some cases seem like an age away, but it's true the time will fly by. On the other hand I have brides to be ringing me panicking as they have only set the date ten weeks before, many have been lucky and I have been able to fit them in at last minute.

I advise a consultation and trial approximately 4-6 weeks before your day. I recommend you book an appointment around the time of day you are getting married for lighting reasons. Try to book hair trial before or on day as this is a special look with hair, veil, dress, makeup, shoes, flowers, makeup and it has to be perfection. Mother of Bride takes centre stage nowadays and again everything has to be to same standards. Adult bridesmaids compliment the bride and the mother and flower girls tend to steal some limelight with their natural cuteness!

Hope you enjoy the planning with your partner, family and friends. I look forward to speaking to you to help you look amazing for your day!

P.S. I do Hen Party makeovers - I am available to achieve a glamorous eve look for you!

Natural Make Up

Subtle makeover application for those who never wear any make up due to not knowing how to apply what suits, or even unfortunate past experiences. I will aim to create a fresh natural look and radiant glow for your complexion. Focus on makingyour eye colour pop and give emphasis to your lips.Cheek colour will be toned to enhance your natural beauty and give a fresh clear finish. You will feel like no makeup is being worn, your skin can breath and you can be more confident in being able to apply make up and achieve this look for yourself

Make up Up-date

Clients tend to stick with the same look that they grew up with or what the thought suited. Makeup does not change and move with the times or as appropriate for their age or occasion. Unfortunately makeup dates and can be very unforgiving. Just like incorrect hair, shoes or an outfit! Getting it right is important like wearing too much foundation, wrong shade, tango look, wrong shades of eye shadow, blusher or lippy to suit, incorrect application and shades of lip liner, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. It is amazing the results that can be achieved by coaching, by being shown how to look and feel better about your appearance


Me Time Make Up

Time to treat yourself and have a pamper makeover for that special moment!

Could it be for a Prom Ball? Office Party? Romantic Night Out? Wedding Anniversary? New You? Teenager Growing Up? Yummy Mummy? Glam Gran? Anti Ageing Auntie? Wonder Woman?

First impressions are lasting impressions, as with well applied makeup less is more, so is expert application, good products and blending.